Fracht FWO Polska is a certified company, authorized to perform comprehensive services of air, sea and overland forwarding and transport of all kinds of goods, including:

  • weapons, explosives, ammunition and armament – in whole or in part – also oversized, as per the Common Military List,

  • dual-use products, as per the European List of Dual-Use Items.

    With this respect, we maintain the legally required, full-scope Internal Control Program for the Trading of Strategic Goods. The program is compliant with all legal requirements of the Republic of Poland (the Act of 29 November 2000 on the foreign trade in goods, technologies and services of strategic significance for state security, and maintenance of international peace and security [unified text, JL 2004, no. 229, item 2315) and European Union, as well as with the provisions of numerous international agreements establishing the standards of international control over the movement of strategic goods.

    Owing to our procedure of analysis of the trading risk we may ensure legality and safety of all transactions.

Fracht FWO Polska offers its services to the authorized Polish and foreign enterprises, including:

  • the services of transit and intra-Community transfer to the foreign enterprises planning movement of armament through the territory of Poland.

  • the services of representation, assuming the exporter’s obligations and application for the relevant licenses (permits) to Polish enterprises unauthorized to engage in the foreign trade of the said goods.

  • professional forwarding and transport services to all authorized and licensed enterprises.

    Each contract related to trading of strategic goods is analyzed individually, as per the ICP procedures. This allows us to compile all documents necessary to apply for the relevant licenses and eliminate possible delays in the performance of contract due to the documentation errors and irregularities.

    All our services are performed with the highest professional diligence to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, and in accordance with the ISO 9000, 9001 and environmental safety standards.