Rail freight supplies include routes from China to Rotterdam. Rail freight is a convenient solution in case of huge distances and tonnage and it is a perfect alternative for sea freight. We carry out rail freight from China to Europe within 13 to 16. Due to a vast partner network of the Fracht Group located in the countries at the New Silk Road with route from West China to Poland, if any problems should appear, (during transport, transshipment or customs clearance) our partners will immediately assist having direct contact to regional rail companies or controlling authorities.

In the framework of rail freight our services include:

  • Train booking

  • Transshipments in rail terminals and storage of goods

  • Customs clearance (in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Baltic countries)

  • Full support of documentation used for some groups of goods that is permits, certificates of origin, certificates of conformity etc. which is important for service of industrial shipments such as e.g. oversize cargo