Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to and contains information on:

  • ways of collecting information by the Controller;
  • purposes for which this information is collected;
  • your rights if you consent to the processing of personal data.

We respect your privacy and are committed to the security of your personal data and information regarding your online activities, as well as to ensuring that you can exercise all of your rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We also want to provide you with the most tailored content possible. Consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time.


1. Personal Data Controller

The Controller, i.e. the entity that decides how your personal data will be used, is Fracht FWO Polska spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Inflancka 4C, 00-189 Warszawa, Poland. Contact via email: as well as by traditional mail, at the address of Fracht FWO Polska sp. z o.o. indicated above.


2. Purpose and basis of personal data processing

The purpose of processing your personal data is:

  • conclusion, execution, termination of contracts;
  • implementation of the services you have ordered;
  • presentation of the offer and marketing of the services offered by our company.

The provision of personal data is voluntary, but without the necessary scope of your personal data, we will not be able to undertake the services you have ordered and conclude contracts.

If you do not consent to the processing of your data for marketing purposes, you will not receive information about our new offers and services.

Fracht FWO Polska sp. z o.o. guarantees that it processes your personal data only for necessary and legitimate purposes.

Your personal data is stored and processed only for the period necessary to fulfill the above purposes for which it was provided and as long as the legal, accounting and tax obligations of the Controller exist, as well as until the statute of limitations for possible claims. For marketing purposes, data will not be processed and stored for more than 4 years.


3. Sharing personal data with other entities

The Controller, in strictly defined cases, with a view to respecting your safety, has the right to transfer your personal data to other entities. This applies to the following recipients:

  • public authorities and institutions entitled to request access;
  • authorized employees and associates who use the data to ensure the smooth operation of the site;
  • carriers/forwarding companies with which Fracht FWO Poland sp. z o.o. cooperates in the execution of a forwarding order;
  • employees of Fracht FWO Polska sp. z o.o. in connection with the performance of their official duties.

Your personal data will not be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area.


4. Rights related to personal data

In connection with our processing of your personal data, you have the right to:

  • access and review all of your personal data, including to right to obtain a copy of the personal data we have about you;
  • rectify and amend the personal data we hold;
  • have your personal data deleted;
  • have processing of your personal data restricted;
  • object to the processing of personal data to the extent of the Controller’s legitimate purpose, in particular for marketing and profiling purposes;
  • lodge a complaint against the actions ofthe Controller to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

You may exercise the above rights in the cases and to the extent provided for by applicable personal data protection laws.


5. Cookies

“Cookies” are text files stored in the website user’s browser. Cookies in most cases are necessary to take full advantage of the website, and sometimes they are necessary for the website to function at all. Cookies are used, among other things, to monitor website traffic, personalize some elements of the website by use, and to remember login and password, if the user agrees so. Some cookies expire when the website is closed, some expire after a certain period of time or when the website user deletes them.

We use cookies for:

  • website administration;
  • improvement of the quality of services provided, including adjusting the content of the website to the user’s preferences; maintaining the user’s session.

You can block cookies in your browser settings, but by doing so you may not be able to use the website to its full potential or even at all.