Whether in Poland, Europe or any other place in the world, we deliver oversized components within many projects performed for power generation, chemical and petrochemical industry, mining industry, renewable energy industry, civil construction and others.

OPOLE Power Plant

For over 2 years Fracht FWO Polska has been responsible for the comprehensive delivery of oversized elements for new Opole Power Plant. Key elements for both Power Units 5th and 6th were delivered by our team of highly skilled specialists. The total weight of all delivered elements exceeded 7 000 000 kg. The heaviest element was the IP Turbine –167 000 kg; dimensions: 10600 x 2020 x 5000 mm (LWH).

ŻERAŃ Power Plant

Fracht FWO Polska was responsible for the delivery of heat exchangers together with water chambers. The mainelement weighed over 129 000 kg and was 10 m long.

JAWORZNO Power Plant

Another complex project in which our company was involved in 2018 concerned the delivery of components of the turbine hall for 910 MW new power unit in Jaworzno. We have delivered turbines, outer and inner shells, feedwater storage tanks, condenser modules, elements of generator and other units of the total weight of 3 000 000 kg. The heaviest element was the IP turbine – 137 000 kg; dimensions: 8600 x 3820 x 3800 mm (LWH).


During many years of cooperation with leading producer of transformers, we have delivered many units to various destinations not only within Europe but also to the USA, Canada and Malesia to name a few.

SUGAR INDUSTRY Kruszwica and Nakło Projects

Within this two complex projects Fracht FWO Polska has delivered over 70 elements of two vertical diffuser towers with a diameter of 12 and 10 m and one prescalder.

Air Freight - Charter of Airplanes

Fracht FWO Polska charters airplanes to support quick deliveries of oversized  elements within worldwide projects. In 2016, we chartered Antonov AN 124 to deliver three crates of 27 tons, 43 tons and 26 tons to Singapore. Other two AN 14 were chartered in 2018 to organize two parallel air transports to the USA. Steam Turbine, Lube Oil Unit, Gear Box of the total weight of 87 tons were loaded at the airport in Gdansk whereas the 101-ton generator – in Ostrava.

Sea Freight

Sea transport of heavy and oversized cargo is organized in cooperation with Fracht branches and representative offices in all major ports around the world. Depending on the size of the project and its complexity, we charter entire vessels or prepare other customised logistics solutions to meet customers’ expectations on each stage of the project.

Delivery to power plants in Argentina

Due to the high degree of complexity, 3 branches of the Fracht Group – Polish, Czech and Italian – were involved in the organization of this delivery. The cargo, intended for 3 geothermal power plants, was packed in 104 packages, which were transported by sea and road. The heaviest of them were generators weighing 306.45 tons and 3 rotors weighing 128.4 tons.

Delivery of a 75-tonne to Colombia

A door-to-door order for a Polish manufacturer of components and special devices for hydropower and heating. The load was a ball valve with a weight of 69 tons and dimensions: length 4.7 m, width 3 m and height 3.45 m and weighing in total 6 tons of parts. The valve covered nearly 16,000 km by land and sea to the hydroelectric power plant in western Colombia.