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Road Transport
Road Transport

Road Transport

We aim to provide a comprehensive service, in order to improve the logistics process and further the effectiveness of every business.

Our services are more than just road transport. We also take care of non-EU import and export customs procedures as well as all other transport formalities pertaining to planning, reports and document exchanger in accordance with our clients’ special requirements.

 In Poland we have offices which specialise in road forwarding and an extensive network of offices and agents in most European and non-European countries.

Our road forwarding's services include:

  •  Full truck loads road transport (FTL) - international and domestic
  •  Shipment consolidation - partial and general cargo (LTL)
  •  Transport of spacious cargo
  •  Transport in controlled temperatures of a wide range of loads
  •  Transport of hazardous loads (ADR)
  •  Road transport of oversize loads
  •  Just-in-time deliveries
  •  Regular express type services within the EU
  •  Reloading, storage and distribution
  •  Comprehensive logistical services (storage, shipment preparation, distribution) and others
Sea transport
Sea transport

Sea transport

It is out aim to ensure that forwarding or importing goods using the sea route was as simple as possible, perfectly in sync with your needs. We will help you to sort out customs and administrative formalities efficiently and effectively employing our reliability, meticulousness and professionalism. Through the use of a network of branches and representative offices at the largest ports across the world which the Fracht Group has been building since 1955., we are able to service all, even the most unusual global destinations.

Within the scope of sea freight loads we provide the following services:

  •  Booking cargo space on ships
  •  General cargo shipment consolidation at ports
  •  Specialist packing and securing cargo for sea transport
  •  Assistance with drawing up import/export documentation
  •  Delivery of containers to and from ports using road and intermodal transport
  •  Ocean transport - regular break bulk (LTL) and container (FCL) services - import and export
  •  Sea transport of heavy and oversize loads
  •  Servicing hazardous loads (IMO)
  •  Sea transport at controlled temperatures in “reefer” type containers
  •  Port services, reloading, releasing cargo in ports, dismantling containers
  •  Customs clearances and cargo insurance
  •  Other logistical services such as warehousing, repacking, specialist cargo controls and others
Air Transport
Air Transport

Air Transport

At our disposal we have a network of circa 300 offices at airports across more than 50 countries - our services include air freight to anywhere in the world. According to your requirements we are able to provide a door-to-door, door-airport, airport-door or airport-to-airport service. Depending on the weight, dimensions and type of cargo we book cargo space on scheduled and cargo flights or set up charter flights appropriate for the type of shipment. In entrusting your shipment to us, you have the peace of mind that it will arrive safely, on time and without complications.

Our air forwarding's services include:

  •  Door-to-door deliveries across the whole world
  •  Air transport of hazardous goods (DGR)
  •  Air transport of oversize loads
  •  Packing, repacking, securing cargo for the needs of air transport
  •  Delivery and collection of cargo to/from an airport
  •  Charters
  •  Documents, customs procedures, cargo insurance and others
Oversize and specialist transport
Oversize and specialist transport

Oversize and specialist transport

Cargo Project, the flagship service provided by Fracht Group companies has been involved in the transport of oversize and heavy loads for over 50 years. We provide comprehensive oversize transport services - from appropriately securing cargo to assembly at the destination. Prior to, during and after transport is complete we take care of all formalities and make sure that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time, paying particular attention to cost optimisation. 

Within the scope of forwarding oversize loads we provide the following services: 

  •  Feasibility study and risk assessment
  •  Transport schedule, the so called method statement entailing route planning, loading methods choice of appropriate means of transport and reloading methods
  •  Assistance in preparing the necessary commercial, customs and technical documents
  •  Permissions required for oversize loads
  •  Transport from the production site to final destination:
  •  Road transport employing specialist „Tiefbett” and „Kesselbrucke” type semi-trailers as well as others appropriate for the type of cargo]
  •  Sea transport – liner service, Ro-Ro services and breakbulk ship charter as required
  •  Port services including reloading and sea transport documentation
  •  Air Transport – cargo services and charters
  •  Inland water transport - over the European inland waterways network
  •  Rail transport
  •  Specialist control and supervision, loading, transport and assembly reports
Relocating industrial equipment and production lines
Relocating industrial equipment and production lines

Relocating industrial equipment and production lines

Relocating production lines and machinery is a complex logistical undertaking. We plan the entire process to the smallest detail, staring from determining the required works, through drawing up a schedule and its implementation all the way to assembly at the destination. We take advantage of specialist equipment provided by renowned companies used for loading, transport and unloading machinery. We do realise how important it is to start-up production lines which are being relocated and as such we pay the utmost attention to professionalism, safety and punctuality of our services.

Our industrial equipment and production lines relocation services include:

  • Preparing project methodology and schedule
  • Professional dismantling of industrial equipment and production lines facilitating assembly and start-up at the destination
  • Labelling, shipment preparation and packing of individual elements appropriate for the mode of transport
  • Loading coordination
  • Pilotage
  • Unloading coordination
  • Equipment re-assembly in accordance with technical specifications and client requirements
  • Detailed reports
Logistics and distribution
Logistics and distribution

Logistics and distribution

We provide comprehensive services matching your needs.

 For your company, handing over logistical services to us means advantages stemming from a reduction of fixed costs such as maintaining warehouses and means of transport, reducing warehouse stock, easy access to additional services, the possibility to rapidly adapt logistical processes to changing market conditions. 

Outsourcing logistical services results in a better cash flow and improved competitiveness of your company.

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