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Transport of two turbines with accessories to Malaysia

Cargo: two turbines with 46 containers of accessories

Weight of a turbine: 70 tonnes

Place of loading: Poland

Place of delivery: Malaysia

Key logistic points:

Our responsibility was to organize the receipt of goods from several suppliers located in Poland, delivery to sea port in Gdynia and to supervise loading operations. Sea transport to Malaysia was coordinated by Fracht Basel. The entire project required the involvement of three modes of transport: inland waterway, road and sea. The first stage of the project was the inland water transport of turbines weighing 70 tons each. The elements associated with turbines were transported to the port in containers or on special low-floor trailers. In the port, the oversized pieces were handled, secured and protected in special shipping containers so-called flat rack (adapted for the carriage of goods that do not fit in standard containers).

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