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Delivery of a transformer to Norway

Cargo: transformer with accessories
Weight of transformer: 74 tonnes
Place of loading: Łódź, Poland
Place of delivery: hydroelectric power station in Norway

Key logistic points:

Our responsibility was to organize transportation by land and sea, port handling, unloading and positioning of the transformer. Environmental obstacles proved to pose a particular challenge that we had to face during this project. The hydroelectric power station was situated in mountainous terrain and the route was crossed by many bridges and viaducts. If we had wanted to use standard means of transport, the transformer would have turned out to be too high for such local infrastructure. Therefore, it was necessary to use a specialized, lower semi-trailer. The project was implemented under time pressure, due to the contractual obligations of the client to supply this device within a strictly specified time limit. To meet the time pressure and minimize the cost of the port of discharge, we chose the closest port to the positioning place. This required the use of a special ship with lower level of immersion, which could enter the Norwegian fjords.

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