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Delivery of a transformers to Switzerland

Cargo: 2 transformer blocks with accessories and oil
Weight of  a transformer: 105 tonnes
Weight of accessories: 110 tonnes
Place of loading: Łódź, Poland
Place of delivery: Veytaux, Switzerland

Key logistic points:

Place of delivery and the foundation of transformers was in the Alps. At the client’s factory in Łódź, the transformer blocks were loaded onto special flatbed wagons, on which they were transported to the polish port. In the port the transformers were loaded onto a barge, with their port of arrival in Basel. The final stage of the delivery was completed on the SPMT vehicles with Power-Pack units (an additional module to balance the vehicle’s weight) on an 8-axle set. This procedure was necessary because the target location was situated in mountainous terrain where the route has six 180 degree angles of refraction and gradient of up to 19%. The project was implemented under time pressure. Mountainous road is usually snowed under by early November. Any delay at all in transport could result in suspension of the delivery until the moment when the weather conditions would allow for the final segment to be completed. The project was implemented in cooperation with Fracht office in Basel.

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